• How Long?

    Tours last for 1 hour, with full training and take
    part within The Resort Grounds, including off road tracks

  • Can I watch?

    Certainly, there are benches up on the grass, we’ll be zipping around from various places but you are more than welcome to watch.

  • What if I can’t do it?

    Its extremely unlikely, a Segway is so incredibly intuitive after the initial training period and we keep an eye on you every step of the way….these things are literally based on the way you lean (just like walking) so its pretty hard not to be able to ride one.

  • Can I take photos or video whilst riding?

    Not whilst riding, it’s too dangerous, however our guides can take them for you!

  • Do you still go out in the rain?
    • We certainly do, its awesome riding through the puddles so bring a jacket if its looking cloudy!
    •  Our Terms and Conditions describe our policy on weather, but basically we don’t offer refunds in case of rain.
  • Do I have to book in advance?

    We take payment in advance to secure all of our bookings and since our website is 24/7 we get bookings very often hence highly recommend booking to avoid disappointment.

  • Can I rent it from you and ride off on my own?

    Unfortunately not, both for safety and insurance reasons we do guided tours. We promise that you are going to have heaps of fun

  • Can I ride if I am pregnant?

    Afraid not, insurance won’t cover this and we cannot accept bookings of someone who is pregnant

  • Is there a maximum age?

    No, our oldest rider has been 79 years old to date.  We need you to be physically able to step on and off without assistance and remember that you will be standing for the entire duration of the tour.

  • What to Wear?

    Participants must wear closed, flat soled footwear, e.g. No thongs and No heels

  • Who can go?
    • The minimum age is 9; however riders must also be at least 45 kg in weight.
    • The maximum weight for a rider is 117 kg
    • The units will only react safely within these weight limits and are non-negotiable.
    • The maximum group size is 8 people per tour
  • When & Where?

    Tour times are 10am, 11:30am and 1:30pm on weekends and generally 11:30am during Monday to Friday (we may be able to arrange tours outside these times, please consult with the team to arrange this). The meeting point is the lower car park, level 5, at the very bottom of the drive

  • How Much?

    Cost is $75 per adult and $65 per child for a 1 hour tour.


    We also have family deals available where one child goes free in a family of four (2x Adults, 2x Children).

  • Weight Limits
    • Minimum 45KGs


    • Maximum 117KGs

    The Segway machines have a strict weight range that we adhere to, regardless of age or ability.  Please be aware it is a condition of entry to be requested to step on the weighing scales and for all riders to have their weight checked.

  • Child Age Definition?

    Children are defined as 9 to 16 years old inclusive.

    Our minimum age is 9 years old and minimum weight is 45KGs, so please check if your child is small for their age as Segways only operate between a weight range of 45-117KGs!

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