The Best Things to Do in Blue Mountains for Small Groups

The Best Things to Do in Blue Mountains for Small Groups

The phrase, ‘the more the merrier,’ is not all the time, true. Sometimes, the smaller the group, the more the activities it engages in becomes intimate, more memorable and fun.

So, if you’re planning to spend a day tour in Australia, specifically in the Blue Mountains, and you can’t go on with the plan because you think you need to invite more to make your group bigger, you may stop now and go on with the adventure. Segway Adventures has a roster of activities intended for small groups. You will certainly find your time, money and energy’s worth here.

Highly-recommended things to do in Blue Mountains


You don’t need multiple days to guarantee an adventurous escapade with your loved ones.  And, as mentioned, even if you have a small group, you can still achieve the same enjoyment big groups experience. There are so many things to do in Blue Mountain you and your group can engage in.

These include camping, picnic, art appreciation, cycling, book reading, and bushwalking, among others. For your small group, try the zip-lining activity which can even be your favourite after an exciting experience with a few companions. Zip-lining goes aboard on an aerial encounter where you can fly from one pilot to another at 50-feet above the ground.

Another activity to try when on Segway Adventures in Blue Mountains is the mountain experience.  Ask people who have gone mountain-climbing courtesy of Segway and they can attest that this is one of their most memorable experiences here.

adventurous escapade with your loved ones.

This action will let you glide through a kilometer-track while touring through the terrain. For your more adventurous group who wants more action, you can turn the speed of the ride without compromising both your safety and excitement. Here’s the good news! This exciting adventure is designed for all ages!

For the water-loving individuals, don’t miss the Aquatic Centre. There’s no doubt you’ll love this Blue Mountains spot especially the boathouses surrounding it. And if there’s water activity, there’s definitely an opportunity to swim!  Who will ever say no to this place’s indoor and outdoor pools, the slides, hot tubs, and rope swings? These are undeniably great picks even if you’re coming to this centre in fours, threes, and even in twos.

Guarantee fun and adventure regardless of the size of your group. Make unforgettable experiences with your companion or companions through the Segway Adventures. Now, you’re ready for an exciting escapade in the Blue Mountains. Visit, check out more of the exciting activities and book a tour.

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