Have a One-of-a-Kind Experience While on Segway Adventures in Leura

Have a One-of-a-Kind Experience While on Segway Adventures in Leura

Take a loved one, the whole family, or your group of friends or co-organisation on a tour they surely won’t forget. Make it happen on a Blue Mountains Tour, specifically the Segway Adventures in Leura.

This is among the all-time favorite spots of tourists, and even the residents of the area, for an adventurous destination. Featuring the many beautiful attractions, this Segway Tour escapade can guarantee you total enjoyment. You can be sure, too, of a one-of-a-kind experience with the people sho dear to you.

Of all these attractions must-not-missed are the privately-owned themed gardens anybody and everybody can enjoy. You will definitely enjoy special activities such as the Leura Village Fair and the Leura Garden Festival. Other must-visit spots are Leura’s mall, museum, natural wonders and cliff drive at a cost surely worth spending for.

Segway Adventures in Leura with your Loved Ones

The things you can do while on a Segway Adventures in Leura


There are so many things to do in Leura. You will undeniably have fun doing these together whether you’re with just one companion, your family, and loved ones, or friends. Whoever you are going here with while you’re on Segway Adventures, such activities are sure to leave you moments you will never forget. Here are brilliant ideas for activities you will surely enjoy and find very memorable:

Leura Mall experience. There is a great selection of items to choose from in this spot for your shopping. This mall boasts of an array of establishments, too like coffee shops, restaurants, and galleries. You will definitely experience the soothing ambiance of this whole place.

The wonders of nature. When on tours via Segway Adventures in Leura ensure fun and enjoyment through the many walks of Leura. This place has the world’s most impressive golf courses and the very famous Fairmont Resort. These are just only two of the many natural wonders to enjoy when you’re in Leura

Visit the toy museum even adults like you, will surely love. The place is found within the Leuralla mansion. This place for the (small and big) boys and girls features the biggest collection of toys like teddy bears, model railways, and dolls, in the whole of Australia. Across this attractive spot, you have an experience in the natural amphitheater featuring the amazing views you will never forget.

Relax and unwind at the Cliff Drive. This place, along with the bush walks, can guide you through the Lyrebird Dell and Pool of Siloam, as well as the Katoomba Falls. Moreover, discover Leura Cascades which you can find along the Cliff Drive. This is an ideal venue for those opting for a quiet and peaceful environment. It is the best place too, for family barbecues and picnics, too. Then, from the Cascades, you can relaxingly walk in different waterfalls like Leura, Bridal Veil Falls, Linda, and Lila.

Make a beautiful memory with your loved ones now. To know more about Segway, visit http://www.segwayadventures.com.au/ You will find more activities in this website that will surely make you inquire and book a tour.

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