Top 5 Things to Do in the Blue Mountains

Top 5 Things to Do in the Blue Mountains

Things to Do in the Blue Mountains

Have you experienced Segway Tours in Blue Mountains? If your answer is yes, you surely had an exciting experience and would want another adventure here. For those who haven’t been here, you need not worry about the things you can do here.

That’s what Segway is here for—to give you brilliant ideas about the activities you can engage in while on Segway tours. Whether you are on the tour as a solo tourist, with your partner or spouse, or with your family and friends, you surely will achieve the same excitement as the people who experience this had.

Worth-remembering things to do in Blue Mountains

Worth-remembering things to do in Blue Mountains


There are numerous things to do in Blue Mountains. However, the Segway Adventures highly recommends these 5 best picks for activities you can do while you’re on this tour:

1. River cruise and a day trip with the family – prepare all the things you need for a day trip with Segway Adventures in Blue Mountains. While on a river cruise, you will definitely enjoy beautiful sights which you will also see when on a bus or train ride. When you book for this activity, the fees include all the transportation, lunch and entrance fees.

2. Enjoy the wildlife and nature – This is a perfect activity to have when you are on adventure tours in Blue Mountains. Here, you will surely enjoy the attractive sceneries around you. You are sure to get rid of all the stress and hassle of renting a car and riding a public transportation as fee includes all the transportation fares.

3. Private tour – In this activity, see the Jamison Valley and Three Sisters and enjoy the views with your loved one. Here, you will have a close encounter with native animals at the Featherdale Wildlife Park. This is definitely worth spending for as the cost includes round-trip transportation from the central Sydney hotels and national park fees.

4. Abseiling adventure – This is just a half-day activity and yet it guarantees full fun and excitement. Here, abseiling begins with a beginner-friendly 5-metre high cliff. Since it is designed for beginners, instructors come close at hand to show support, encouragement and teach techniques. With a skilled instructor explaining step after step, expect to advance to a 15-metre high cliff, completing an exciting 30-metre high drop.

5. Day hike with the kids – This will allow you and the whole family to immerse yourselves in the local fauna and flora. Such an exciting adventure allows you to explore scenic lookouts, epic waterfalls, and massive rock overhangs. The kids will definitely find this experience unforgettable as they get to witness the astonishing Wentworth Falls from both above and below.

These may be the 5 best things to do in Blue Mountains. But there are actually more activities you enjoy. Visit to know more or book an exciting activity


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