Top 5 Things to Do in Hunter Valley

Top 5 Things to Do in Hunter Valley

Segway Adventures in Hunter Valley

Are you still making the most out of the kids’ vacation? For your must-do, this month, don’t forget to include in your list, the Segway Adventures in Hunter Valley. There are so many things you can do here either as a solo adult who wishes to do some unwinding, a couple who need to spend time together, or a family to have some escapade together.

Segway Adventures in Hunter Valley

These activities come in variation. There are actions for kids to enjoy, and there are things which can adults can indulge in while their children are having their own fun time. When you go on this adventure in Hunter Valley, be sure to take your camera with you so you can capture every moment with your loved ones.

The things to do in Hunter Valley you shouldn’t miss

Now that you have chosen Segway in Hunter Valley escapade you’re experiencing, it’s time to learn the things you can do here. Checking the activities out in this page will help you get more familiar with the exciting actions you are about to experience even way ahead of your scheduled Segway tour. The things to do in Hunter Valley are certainly worth your time, money and energy. Here are the five (5) best things you can try

1.  Indulge in soothing massage – Try the Sally Margan’s Heavenly Hunter which you can find at the Hunter Valley Resort. It is a Hawaiian Temple Style and Lomi Lomi massage that guarantees you total relaxation.

This massage is sure to give you a relieved mind, body and soul. You may also opt for the Ka Huna Bodywork, a truly extraordinary massage where the therapist is using flowing movements of his forearms, elbows, and hands, working with both music and energy as he applies soft and deep tissue massage.

2. Learn the art of candy-making – This is an activity the kids will definitely love the most. If the whole family loves to eat candy, then, the Big Kids Candy making will definitely be a hit. This is a 90-minute workshop with Hunter Valley Resort’s executive chef. It will let you watch how to make marshmallows, peanut brittle, and rocky road chocolate. This is not just merely a candy-making activity. It also involves fun games the kids will never forget.

3. Skydive – Adults who are more adventurous will definitely find excitement in skydiving in Hunter Valley. You can be sure of your safety in this activity as you will be led and guided by the experienced skydiving crew of this resort. Relatively, Hunter Valley offers a great range of skydiving products.

4. Go for a helicopter ride – If you don’t fear the heights, then this adventure is for you. Four helicopter operators are servicing Hunter Valley to provide the tourists complete fun and adventure while riding on the helicopter. The following are the operators that provide such exciting air encounters: Heli Experiences, Hunter Valley Helicopters, Sydney Helicopters, and Slattery Helicopters.

5. E-bike around the resortThe adventure tours in Hunter Valley is never complete without touring the whole resort. Offered here are onsite Sutton Estate Bicycle Hire. You can come and view all of Hunter Valley via motor-assisted bikes that are easy to. This e-baking experience allows you to peddle if you choose to, or not peddle at all if you don’t feel like it.

These indeed, are the 5 best things you can do in Hunter Valley. If you want to know more actions here, contact the Segway Tours Blue Mountains via the website

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