What’s in on Hunter Valley This Month?

What’s in on Hunter Valley This Month?

Have you heard of Hunter Valley? You surely got as intrigued as the others who’ve heard of it the first time. Certainly too, you’d want to have a memorable experience here. You can make this happen if you go on Segway Adventures in Hunter Valley.

Here, you get to explore this historic place via a Segway adventure tour. This trip becomes more interesting as you go through the attractive vineyards, as well as the nearby bushland. You’ll be guided in this adventure tours along car-free off-road trails, by means of world-famous vineyards, not to mention the gigantic surrounds of bushlands.

The things to do in Hunter Valley


If you want more actions in Hunter Valley, Segway Tours will give you that experience. Here, you can have a close encounter with scores of kangaroos, and amazing views of the Brokenback Ranges which other companies cannot give you. Aside from the aforementioned, there are many other things to do in Hunter Valley.

Activities to have and do in this Wonderful spot Segway Tours-Segway Adventures in Hunter Valley

So, when you go on this tour, be sure to take your camera, selfie stick and power banks to be sure your gadgets are powered up all throughout your Adventure Tours in Hunter Valley. Ensure your internet connection too, so you can share action after action on your social media, real time.

One of the frequently held activities in Hunter Valley through Segway Adventures is team building. This company’s skilled event management team expertly customises team building activities, group meetings, special events, and conferences.

The team building you can have in this place is designed to suit both the small and big group. A small group can mean a group of friends or organisation that’s looking for a memorable experience.  Segway’ idea of enjoyment can be found too, at a number of impressive locations around NSW.

Food and beverages are yet another must-try in Hunter Valley. While on Segway Tours, enjoy the taste of food. And for adults, the wine and beers are equally great-tasting drinks to have.

You’ll definitely love to experience, explore and tour the Matilda Bay Brewhouse, Wine Theatre with two sessions per day, cooking school, wine school, grape stomping, pizza and candy making, and barrel rolling. If you’re traveling as a family, the interactive wine and food experiences are undeniably fun to do for bonding activities.

Matilda Bay Brewhouse-Segway Adventures in Hunter Valley

These are the main highlights of what’s on in Hunter Valley this month and the months yet to come. But it doesn’t mean you are given just these for your choices of activities to have and do in this wonderful spot Segway Tours can bring you in. Visit the website http://www.segwayadventures.com.au/  and check out for more exciting adventures.

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