Before you take part in Segway Adventures, there are a few important things you must know.

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Things to Know When Going on Segway Adventures


Have you been hearing about the Segway Adventures and you would want to try the experience, too? Surely before doing so, you want to know every detail about this outdoor escapade. Activities, cost, duration and age limit are three of the important things to know when on an adventure at Segway. What will make you more excited is the fact that, one day is all you need experience this outdoor fun.

An action-filled day with the Segway Adventures

You only need to mark a day in your calendar for this exciting activity. You won’t even spend all day for a thrilling experience. Most tours at Segway typically last for an hour. If it is your first time to try the adventure, worry not. Full training is provided so you can maximise your Segway Adventures in Blue Mountains. You certainly need such a training especially if you are participating in the activities taking place at the Resort Grounds.

Segway Adventures prioritises the safety and security of its guests. Because of this, it has set a weight limit of 45 kgs minimum, and 117 kgs maximum for those who intend to ride the Segway machines. Part of the safety measures the prevention of pregnant women from joining the tour. They are not allowed to do so because adventures from Segway mostly involve physical activities. Good news to those touring with their grannies! There is no maximum age set for every tour with Segway. As long as the tourist is physically able, he or she can join the fun.

As far as the cost is concerned, the exact amount to pay varies. Adults are charged $75 per person, and children are at $65 each for one whole hour. You may also opt for the family packages where one child is free of charge in every family of four (which includes two adults and two children). Here’s the best deal! Rain or shine, the fun continues! Segway Adventures pushes through with the activities so be sure to bring your jacket and raincoats with you.

And, since this company prioritises the guests’ safety, it won’t allow you to take pictures while riding or doing the adventure. Worry not, though because the guides are available to take the pictures for you and your companions. So, what are you waiting for? Visit http://www.segwayadventures.com.au. now and book a tour!