Segway Tour Prices

(Min 45KGs Weight, Very Strict)

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(max 117KGs)

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Family Deal
(2x Adults, 2x Children)

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* Family Deal = 1 Child Free in a Family of Four (2x Adults, 2x Children).

Minimum Weight 45KGs - Maximum weight 117KGs

Family Friendly: minimum age is 9 years old (children are 9 - 16 years inclusive but Minimum Weight 45KGs)

Public Holiday Surcharge = Family Deals do not apply on Public Holiday days, or days where we are obliged to pay our staff Public Holiday Rates. A modest $5 per rider has been added per rider to accommodate for additional business costs, and we absorb the majority of the costs.

Safety Requirements

Weekend Tour times:

10am, 11:30am and 1:30pm

School Holiday Tour Times:

10am, 11:30am and 1:30pm, seven days a week.

Monday to Friday (Non-School Holidays):

please email on or call on 0418229539 if you have a group of four or more, we will try our best to accommodate during Monday to Friday outside of School Holidays.
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Tour Format:

Our local guides will take you around the beautiful grounds of The Fairmont Resort, riding your Segway through forest, bushland and other varied terrain.  We start you off in a training area where we get you signed in, do a full safety briefing and get you going on the Segways.  Once the group is ready, we proceed up to the grass area to let it rip on the second stage of manoeuvres before unleashing you on to the Bush tracks and Forest Trails.

Our highly qualified  guides are with you throughout the tour and our promise is to turn you into the best possible Segway rider by the end of the tour!  For those who get especially talented, we have a Segway BMX track to challenge you! Photo Gallery

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