Segway Tours Blue Mountains

Segway Tours Blue Mountains: A One-of-a-Kind Experience

If you want a unique adventure with your family and loved ones, take them to a Segway Tours Blue Mountains. You are guaranteed of your money’s worth in this exciting adventure. Each tour lasts for an hour. The full 60 minutes include a full training that takes place in within the resort grounds. This may be a perfect venue for summer getaways, but the Blue Mountains is a destination you can go to all throughout the year. What makes this place even more exciting is that each weekend, there are special events, as well as festivals designed for the whole family to participate in. There are so many things you can do when you’re at the Blue Mountains.


Exciting activities

There are so many things to do in the Blue Mountains. This adventurous place boasts of different places where you can conduct all activities. Various spots are found for you to see and conduct activities in. Among the things you can do here are camping, picnic, biking, art appreciation, bushwalk for both adults and kids, book reading, and cycling for kids. One of the all-time favourite activities here in the Blue Mountains is the Wind Rider Triple Zips. This embarks on an aerial escapade where one pilot from one pilot to another at 50-feet high.

Another must-try for an exciting outdoor activity is the Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster. This is one of the greatest adventure tours in the Blue Mountains can give you for an experience. This activity lets you glide through a one-kilometre track while you tour through the terrain. For a more thrilling experience, you can turn rid at 42 KM/H speed. This one-of-a-kind Blue Mountains experience is safe for all ages. The Aquatic Centre will surely become your favourite when you book with us. This is an undeniably perfect venue for family bonding as it is designed for all ages.

What will make you love the Aquatic Centre, even more, is that it is surrounded by boathouses in cottage design. This homey style then brings total comfort while you are enjoying the waters. The indoor and outdoor pools, as well as the rope swings, slides and hot tubs, give you an array of choices to enjoy with your loved ones. There certainly is no room for boredom here! Even those who can’t swim or who are not interested in water can enjoy the indoor activities that are just as thrilling as all the other fun things you can do. The adventurous activities you are to experience at the Blue Mountains are definitely something to look forward to. Surely, you’d want to go back try more of the fun and exciting here.

Let us provide you with a memorable experience

Make sure you are giving your family the best and most exciting experience for an escapade. Let the Segway Tours Blue Mountains be the venue when you make an unforgettable memory with the people you love. To know more about us, visit our website, This is undoubtedly worth spending. For booking and inquiries, call us at +61418229539 or send us an e-mail via