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Segway Tours Leura is One of Blue Mountains Guests’ Favorite Spots

If you’re on a Blue Mountains Tour, you will surely agree that Segway Tours Leura is among the favorite spots of guests and visitors here. This place features a lot of attractions people surely love to return for another visit. Among these perfect must-see and must-visit are the privately-owned gardens that are at selected time of the year, open to the public. During special events like the Leura Village Fair and the Leura Garden Festival, the public can enjoy the festivities with their family and loved ones. Other than the gardens, you can also visit Leura’s mall, museum, natural wonders and cliff drive at a price you will definitely find reasonable.

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Things to do in Leura

There are so many things to do in Leura recommends for you and your loved ones to enjoy doing together. Whoever you are going here with, you will definitely have a memorable day here. Below are some of the things you can do to make your adventure tours in Leura worthwhile.

  1.    Enjoy the mall. Leura Mall has not just a lot of whole items to shop. It also has an array of establishments like restaurants, galleries and coffee shops. Guests are sure to experience the relaxing ambience of this whole place.
  2.    Natural Wonders. This can be enjoyed through Leura’s many walks. This place boasts of the world’s most remarkable golf courses, not to mention the very famous Fairmont Resort. These are just two of the many natural wonders you can enjoy at Leura.
  3.    The toy museum. This is situated within the Leuralla mansion. The museum here features the largest collection of toys including teddy bears, model railways and dolls, in the whole of Australia. Across the museum, you can visit the natural amphitheatre featuring amazing views you will surely enjoy.
  4.    Cliff Drive. This, along with the bush walks, can guide you through the Lyrebird Dell and Pool of Siloam, as well as the Katoomba Falls. More so, you will also find along the Cliff Drive, Leura Cascades. This is a peaceful place for family barbecues or picnics. And, from the Cascades, you can relaxingly walk to various waterfalls including Lila, Leura, Bridal Veil Falls, and Linda.

Make Leura your place to build memories with your loved ones

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